You can know the exact steps you need to take daily to achieve your goals and hardwire your success if..

You read about others who’ve “become successful,” and deep down, you BELIEVE that it’s possible for you, too.

  • " I just want to have the ENERGY and be PRODUCTIVE enough to get everything done"
  • " I want to ENJOY what I do every day and not feel burned out at the end of the day"
  • "I want to enjoy waking up every day - knowing I am going to MAKE AN IMPACT in my life AND business"
  • "I want to feel like I have enough TIME to devote to business and my family"
  • "I want to have ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY to do what I need to move the needle forward on my goals and visions"
  • "I want to know that I am taking the right actions at the RIGHT time to ACHIEVE MY GOALS

But right now, you feel like it’s a LONG way in the future.  

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  • Because you’ve got about a million things going on - every day - week after week, month after month. 
  • You’re splitting your time between the business you're building and family, and there never seem to be enough hours in the day.
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  • You’re pulled in so many directions that you feel like you’re doing everything “ok” and nothing “great.”
  • You want to create a positive future, but you have no clarity on the steps you should take to do it!  
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  • And even though you believe you’re meant for something MORE, there are a lot of days that you doubt yourself and second guess whether you life WILL change for the better.  

You’re longing for a life that’s filled with purpose, passion and positivity so that you can look back on your life and know it was a success. 

Wouldn't it be amazing if..

  • Even though there are a lot of things going on you felt YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU and what you needed to do every day to MEET YOUR GOALS?
  • You had the right amount of hours in your work week and you felt like everything was in alignment and you didn't feel like parts of your life were pulling you away from business or family?
  • You are extreemly proud of the GREAT WORK you do every single day and you CONFIDENTLY KNOW you are doing the RIGHT THINGS at the RIGHT TIME.
  • You had COMPLETE CLARITY on exactly what you need to do every single day to BUILD THE FUTURE that YOU WANT
  • You stopped second quessing yourself and you knew EVERYTHING that you were doing on a daily basis was saving your time, helping you be more productive, and saving you time but GUIDING YOU TOWARDS the FUTURE you want to be FULFILLED.
  • You KNEW with certainty that the DAILY actions you take would ensure that your goals area accomplished so that you can build a life and business tha is full of purpose, passion, and that you LOVE. 

Now THAT is an EPIC life and business you can LOVE!

all of this is possible WHEN YOU...

  • Learn how to prioritize the things that are TRULY important to you and gracefully bow out of obligations that don’t suit your dreams, desires, and lifestyle?  
  •  Utilize a proven “success system” to guide you to the right decisions in your life and business?  
  • Start to get 2-3 hours every day back in your life to focus on the things that are most important to you to start seeing how different your life can be


I’m Dr. Shannon Irvine, and wasn't that different from you. Hi there! I studied hard in school (#nerdalert) and went on to earn my PhD in Neuropsychology.  

BUT as I built my practice as a High Achievement Mentor, I started to notice a trend among my clients. Most of them started out in the workforce with high hopes of helping others while enjoying a balanced lifestyle, with plenty of time for friends, family, and outside pursuits. However, many of my clients quickly realized that they had put on those proverbial “golden handcuffs.” The more success they found in their career, the less they felt in their personal lives. OR the more they spent time improving relationships with husbands and kids, the less they progressed in the workforce.  

What if you felt confident that you had the exact tools and system you needed to make your work projects profitable and your relationships fulfilling?

That is why I’ve created the Epic Success Academy, based on NEURO-SCIENCE, so that you can hardwire your success by using the power of your brain.

"The Epic Success Academy has transformed my life ... the Epic Success Academy method taught me how to break down the goals and gave me the plan to get the pieces accomplished. I could imagine my goals getting accomplished. This was a great course!" 

Lisa Manning -

Here is what is included in the Epic Success Academy 

The Epic Success Academy contains exactly what you need to know about setting goals through a proved Epic Goal setting system, mastering productivity, and an epic entrepreneurs mindset to take you from dream to implementation.

This academy is available at the Founding Member Investment of $497 for the Epic Success Academy and $997 for the Epic Success VIP Mastermind Academy! 



A trademarked and Proven Goal Setting System which has launched hundreds of businesses from brick and mortar to successful on-line business brands. This system gives you a master blueprint and action-by- action plan to breakdown you goals and accomplish them with ease.



Understanding how your brain is wired & how to train your brain for success is at the core of this program. This Specific step- by-step method will gain you unshakable confidence in every area of your life.

mobile devices


This academy is digital and can go with you! You can access from any device and even download the lessons for offline learning.



The steps to take you from goal to accomplishments. This plan will bullet proof your ability to achieve your goals and get you off the overwhelmed hamster wheel for good!

Pen and paper


Each lesson will take you step by step from inception of an idea to goal setting to implementation of strategy to achieve that goal in a specifc period of time. 



How to put it all together and be able to implement these steps and systems into place so that you can build an Epic Life & Business YOU LOVE!



You will have LIFETIME access to the program for life or as long as it exists!

"From Afraid to Freed up! I went from being afraid to set goals because I had no idea where to start and that would be so frustrating to being able to identify areas of my life where I was thriving and lacking and use the system to implement a plan to grow. This freed up mental space and it also tapped into my love for planning :) Thank you so much for this Epic Success Academy!!" 

April Abraham - Tea of Life Podcast

"Everyone should learn the methods taught in the Epic Success Academy by Dr. Shannon. The awareness of how I can use the way my brain is wired to change my mindset is a gamechanger. I learned the tools to focus on my top priorities and finding success there. Having the Epic Success system to follow has been priceless!

Lauren Loper 

Who is this Academy for?

  • If you are ready to get rid of the overwhelmed, unfocused, can't get it all done, not sure of the next step feeling and finally achieve your goals and dreams...
  • If you are ready to transform your goal setting by learning a system that works with your brain to hard wire success...
  • If you are ready to become a productivity powerhouse...
  • If you are determined to posses an unshakable Achievement Mindset..

Who is this Academy NOT for?

  • If you think that just writing down goals will magically achieve them
  • If you think that everyone else is to blame for your goals and dreams coming true
  • If you are not willing to look at who you are inside and implement a system so that you can have the life you dream of

What Happens if you DON'T Do anything and you let this opportunity go by?

  • You will keep being frustrated that you are falling short of your dreams and goals and can't seem to figure it all out
  • You will continue to experience "burnout" because there are just not enough hours in the day and return to giving up on your dreams
  • You will still have friction between ALL that needs to happen in LIFE and BUSINESS and have no system to integrate them
  • You will try to work harder, spending more and more hours and getting the same results
  • Your goals will not be fully accomplished, your dreams sidelines, your relationships not what they could be
  • you will be stuck

What got you here WONT get you where you want to be... 



Inside the Epic Success Academy, you'll learn

Module 1 Your Epic Achievement Mindset

Module 2 Epic Goal Setting System

Module 3 Epic Audacious Goal

Module 4 Get your Goals in Order

Module 5 Dreams to Goals 2 Launch

Do not wait!

Don't put off taking your life and business to the next level.

The course comes with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction*.

“I am so thrilled that you want to start going for your dreams. You were designed for a purpose and you have a message only you have for the world. By learning this Epic Success System you will go for your dreams, honor God, and Build the Epic Life & Business YOU LOVE!Dr. Shannon Irvine


* When does the course start and finish? You will get one module a week released to you as soon as you sign up. You can work at your own pace - however - the community group and live trainings will be for the first 5 weeks.  

* What if I need more personal attention - are there options to have more access to you? YES! The Epic Success Academy comes with 5 weekly live training and coaching times as well as the community accountability. The VIP MASTERMIND ACADEMY is for those that want more personal attention and feedback from me directly as well as an on-going mastermind community.  

* How long will it take to get through the course - I have limited time? The modules will all be released once a week so that you have time to do the work, the modules are like building blocks. Once you have all 5 modules complete, you will have access to all 5. The bonuses are available as soon as you purchase  

*How long do I have access to the course? You have lifetime access and any and all updates and upgrades you will receive for life!  

* Are there payment plans available? Yes for both ESA and ESA VIP there is a monthly payment plan of $97 now and $97 a month for 5 (ESA) or 7(ESA VIP) months

* What if it doesn't work for me and I want a refund* No worries, just email us all your completed course work so we can see that you really did do the work to get the results and if you are still not happy we will give you a full refund. 

What if I need help* You can email direct at 

Can I use PayPal? * You sure can, there will be that option at check out! 

Have another Question? We are standing by to answer you! email us at

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